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We ship all over Europe and even to other parts of the world. Each country outside the EU must be checked for entry permission.

(For example the USA does´t allow entry to cosmetics, perfumery, hygiene, etc.).

All cosmetic products have two validities, the closed product expiration that is marked with the lot and the validity of the product during its opening. This information is usually indicated on the front of the product, within an image of an open bottle.

On average, our products have about 2 years of shelf life (1 year closed and 1 year open).

All products sold by BELEZA DO SAL are tested and certified by independent laboratories (INOVAPOTEK) and legalized through their national and European authorities (INFARMED and CPNP).

Many popular brands continue with these procedures, moving its test centers to countries where it is still possible to do these tests. Within Europe is strictly prohibited testing products on animals, all our products have been tested using test groups (groups of people).

The whole raw materials selection, such as in the packaging and even on the labels, had always an environmental and regional/national concern, choosing, when possible, high quality raw materials, if possible, in our region, such as the Salt, the Seaweed Fucus, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Beeswax, among others.