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About Brand

The Brand

Beleza do Sal was born from the simple desire to create a product typical of our region, alternative to the ones existing in large commercial areas, to which we are subjected almost every day. In the manufacturing process, no chemicals are used, the materials are carefully chosen and, with a profound knowledge of the entire process, we began our search for a natural and original product.

Aware that although we are recovering old recipes and reviving memories, we can not fail to meet legal and market requirements to ensure that the product is top quality and meets all required controls.

The Method and the Final Product

We developed an handmade production methodology for our soaps. Our method ensures a hand crafted product, 100% natural and without adding any chemicals, regularly controlled and analyzed by laboratories. This is an essential aspect in this whole traditional process which directly reflects itself on the final quality, allowing us to obtain a particularly creamy and smooth product.


Beleza do Sal was founded in 2013, but only in 2014 began to take its first steps, because the company, and more specifically its products, had to be tested in the market, to meet legal and even chemical standards, so that the products reached the level of efficiency, quality and presentation that we planned for all products. Since the birth of the company until it started putting out available product to the customer, Beleza do Sal always had and wanted to obey to all the legal and complementary requirements so that the product has the idealized quality and is certified by independent entities.

Beleza do Sal was born from the desire of the founders. Gabriel and Carlos Castro conceived a cosmetic line of products that could support local and national raw materials, leveraging and taking the best of what is produced in our city of Aveiro and throughout the country. Same as the Salt, the Seaweed Fucus, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the Sweet Almond Oil, among other domestic raw materials, were used to create the products of Beleza do Sal, which is characterized by providing certified quality cosmetics at affordable prices.

The production of our entire line is made through handmade processes/molds, with selected raw materials we produce nationally, allowing Beleza do Sal to have certified cosmetic products (both nationally and at European level), tested by independent laboratories. (INOVAPOTEK and LABFit).

Values ​​and Principles

Transparency and Integrity: Conduct business in an honorable and transparent manner, recognizing that there is no correct way to do something wrong.

Business Ethics: Primar ethics in all relationships with customers, partners and competitors.

Passion for the consumer: Develop passion and enthusiasm to create value for consumers and meet their expectations, through the generation of solutions and benefits that meet their needs exclusively.

Care for the environment: The company's intention is to conduct its business so that their products and services have the lowest possible impact on the environment.

Commitment to quality: to idealize, produce, market and ensure that products meet or even exceed the expectations of customers and consumers.